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  • Follow The Journey

  • Truth About Us

  • Stubby Cooler

Follow the Journey Album $25

1. She's Getting Stronger

2. Pink Umbrella

3. I've Got you

4. Square Peg Girl

5. Love Is A Trip

6. Today

7. On The Inside

8. She's Watching From Above

9. You On Your Side

10. Even God must get The Blues

11. Three Little Lives (Acoustic Version)

Truth About Us Album

1. Not 21 Anymore
2. Got Me A Good Man
3. If I Had Only Known
4. I Wanna Live Like That
5. What You Started
6. Heart Like You
7. Work In Progress
8. Stuck With You
9. Three Little Lives
10. No Temporary Love Song
11. Part Of Me (Feat. Eliza McAlister)

Worth the Wait EP

1. Guilt Free

2. Worth The wait

3. There's No Me

4. Heart Can't Forget

Exclusive Follow the Journey Locket
Created and Designed by Seleen McAlister

Available from 

Stubby Cooler $10

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